Does your child’s birthday miss the public school cut-off date? Is your child eager and ready to learn? Love of Learning Kindergarten offers a school year program that emphasizes skill acquisition, academics, and social development in a loving, nurturing environment.  Plus, Love of Learning’s theme unit based curriculum is full of creativity, music, and fun.

With a low teacher to student ratio (1:6) your 4-6 year old child will receive affordable private schooling with lots of personal attention and encouragement.  My program offers your child the potential to flourish socially and academically in a nurturing home environment through a carefully-designed and classroom tested learning curriculum. The classroom is set up with a wide range of materials including many manipulatives, puzzles, paper, pencils, art materials and an ever-changing selection of quality books and science projects. Our projects are very hands-on, so your child can experience and internalize concepts in a concrete way as he/she moves toward the abstract. I can meet your child’s early childhood education needs while following his/her interests to make learning fun. Areas of study include, but are not limited to the following …

  • Skill development: printing, cutting, pasting, coloring, drawing, painting, braiding, weaving
  • Reading: learning and decoding letter sounds, and eventually whole word identification
  • Math: counting and recognizing numbers to 100 and beyond, basic addition/subtraction, patterns, measurement, time
  • Science: color mixing, our world, metamorphosis, plants and animals, sound and light, magnets, static electricity
  • Music: learning a wide variety of theme songs, folk songs and finger plays, plus exposure to a wide variety of instruments
  • Art: manipulating a broad selection of arts materials (drawing, coloring, painting, clay) in fun and interesting ways
  • Social Sciences: exposure to a variety of cultures from around the world through language, stories and art projects
  • Physical Education: organized games, open-ended outdoor play, skill tests

Love of Learning Kindergarten
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  1. Robyn Meadows, BA Early Childhood Education

    I interview, observe, and give a basic test to each child. If I assess them as ready, they may attend my school.

    Once your child has made it through my kindergarten, then they are ready for first grade.

    Robyn Meadows
    Love of Learning Kindergarten

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